Re: Returning Stream second generation card to the unit


Having never taken one of these out I can't tell you how to put it
back in, but I've heard from others who have that it takes a Lunux
computer to do anything with the card. I'm sure someone on this list
has the directions for putting it back though.

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On 3/30/21, Steven Johnson <> wrote:
Everyone knows the old adage, "When in doubt, don't." Well, I removed the
internal storage card from beneath the battery of my Second Generation
stream with the hope of copying the operating system of the unit to a
slightly higher capacity card. Of course, my PC doesn't recognize the
so I chickened out and now I want to put the internal card back into the
Stream and I can't figure out how it goes in. Could one of you provide me
some tips on how to get the cursed card back into my Victor. I have the
card and a metal tray-like gizmo that was associated with the card. I
I know. You would say that I took the thing out, I should be able to put
back in. I actually got my wife with marque 1 eyeballs to do it, and she
can't remember how it came out. Help!!

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