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this is only a 13 inch screen so the keyboard is condensed and I do not want to use an additional keyboard since, to me, this defeats the idea of a laptop and portability. Anyway, I was able to use Jaws to select NVDA from the desktop icon which let me get into the menu and set the program to use the Caps Lock for the NVDA key so all is good. The icon was not present in the notification or system tray and I was not able to figure out how to put it there with Win 10. I can do it in win 7 or 8.1 but...? But I have NVDA installed and the Zira voice working so I can learn to use the program.
I love jaws and have been using it for over 15 years but I like the way NVDA is evolving and applaud the efforts of everyone involved. 

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Hmmm, that's a hard one. You may want to consider purchasing a multimedia desktop keyboard with an insert key. And before you act on anything, consider that the keyboard is less than twenty bucks at a brick and mortar store, so I'd go for that. Plus then, set it up that way, or you can try using the multimedia keyboard. As far as using a builtin keyboard, I'd try locating all the keys with input help With Narrator input help you can locate a key. Idk what your exact setup looks like, but I happen to have an Asus DB550 series laptop. And yes, it has an insert key. Glad you have Win10.
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On 9/2/2015 8:06 PM, Marie wrote:
I have a new Asus laptop which I have updated to Windows 10, (which I am getting along with quite easily.) I just installed the latest version of NVDA and here is my problem. There is no insert key on the laptop and I do not know if there is a function key combination which will invoke that keystroke. So is there any way to get into the Settings so I can designate the Caps Lock as the NVDA key? It is kind of a catch 22 situation at the moment.Can anyone suggest a solution? I can’t get into the settings with no insert key and no way to set up the caps lock!!

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