Re: Enabling line-in in Windows 10

Steven Johnson <saxmonger@...>

Thank you Gene. It would be a crying shame if the second jack on my laptop
only functions as a microphone jack, especially since this particular HP
laptop has really decent working internal mics when the computer's fan isn't
running. I'm trying to digitize a bunch of vinyl, so I probably would do
myself a favor by switching over to a better sound card.

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Enabling line-in in Windows 10

the problem may be that the jack is not for both, but just a microphone
jack. I haven't had a computer with such a combination. Since you can find
nothing, even when a source is connected, maybe that means the jack is just
for a microphone. You may get help from someone with such a combination,
but it may be that you will have to purchase a USB external sound card with
a line-in jack.

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From: Steven Johnson
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Subject: [TechTalk] Enabling line-in in Windows 10

I have a laptop with a stereo microphone array and 2 jacks on the side; one
for headphones and one apparently for line-in/external microphone. I find
that the line-in option is missing from my input devices under sound
settings, even after plugging in the audio source that I want to record with

my computer. I googled the problem, and the instructions that I found say
to right-click on speakers in the system tray or sound on the taskbar, go to

sound settings and under the record tab, enable line in. I am unable to
find what they are talking about. Anyone know a better method for enabling
line-in on my laptop?

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