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Hi Everyone,
Well, as you can tell I'm reading once again. I came across this, and this does sound quite interesting to me, as Brave is my favorite browser. I'm seriously thinking about becoming a Beta Tester, and some of you just might think about it too. I copied and pasted the info below. Be sure to take a peak.

Hello Brave Community,
The Brave team is always trying to find ways to improve our product and create a more enjoyable user experience for all of you. One of the most common ways we (as well as most other software developers) go about ensuring the quality and integrity of fixes/new features in the browser is by sending them through the release pipeline. This ensures that new changes to the browser have had a chance to be rigorously tested and adjusted so that issues can be addressed before they make it to the Brave stable release.

While we do a lot of testing and quality assurance all on our own, we also rely on our users to help spot new issues and report on what's not working. However, we have recently noticed a gap in this process that we would like to address. Out of all Brave builds, it appears that we have the fewest active users on our Beta build-a key stop in the development pipeline. Brave Beta is the final stop before new code gets pushed into Brave's stable release, which is the version available for download from, and the daily driver for most Brave browser users.

As such, we need as many eyes on Beta as possible to test and report bugs/problems in the build, allowing us to make the necessary adjustments and remove any issues before they are pushed to the majority of our user base. It is also important to note that installing Brave Beta will not overwrite any Brave installations you have on your device currently, nor will any of your associated browsing data be overwritten. All Brave browser builds are designed to run in parallel with one another (they can all run at the same time).

If you want to help Brave provide the best possible experience for its users, we invite you to try Brave beta today and share your feedback. You can download Brave Beta at
Download Brave Beta | Brave Browser
The Brave browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile. Download now to enjoy a faster ad-free browsing experience that saves data and battery life by blocking tracking software.
You can provide feedback on the build, and report any issues or bugs on our Beta Builds section here on Community.


Peace Be With You.

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