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Allen West

Ok. At this point, it is a chice between the ElBraille 40 and the
Braille Sense.


On 3/30/21, Allen West via <alwest0324@...> wrote:
Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have used the Orbit twenty before
and liked it. I need a braille display that can recognize Word files,
because some of the forms I need to complete for customers are in
Word. I don't mind a Braille keyboard, but the Mantis sounds
interesting. I also, may take a closer look at the Brailliant Bi 40.
Does the Brailliant recognize .docx files?


On 3/29/21, Mich Verrier <michv@...> wrote:
Hi alan have you through of the orbit 20? It is 20 cells and is small I
no more info though since I have not used it my self. From Mich.

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I am in the market for a new braille display for my job. It needs to
be no less than twenty cells, small enough to throw into my backpack
and can read Word documents

I have used the Focus 40, but it does not meet my needs. I am looking
for suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Allen West

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