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Allen West


I will certainly look at the Braille Sense. I have used the ElBraille
before and am currently training a few people on it. It does lag at
times. And at others, some of the function keys temporarily don't


On 4/3/21, Joe Orozco <jsoro824@...> wrote:
If your choices came down to those two devices, go with the Braille
Sense. There is absolutely no competition there. I think Freedom
Scientific did its best to come up with a good Windows PC replacement,
but the processor is ridiculously slow. The Braille Sense has enormous
horse power by comparison. Also, the Braille Sense is going to let you
do more dynamic things. This is just one person’s opinion, but if you
do a spec by spec comparison, the Braille Sense wins on all counts.

Good luck!


On 4/3/21, Allen West <alwest0324@...> wrote:
Ok. At this point, it is a chice between the ElBraille 40 and the
Braille Sense.


On 3/30/21, Allen West via <alwest0324@...>
Thanks for all of the suggestions. I have used the Orbit twenty before
and liked it. I need a braille display that can recognize Word files,
because some of the forms I need to complete for customers are in
Word. I don't mind a Braille keyboard, but the Mantis sounds
interesting. I also, may take a closer look at the Brailliant Bi 40.
Does the Brailliant recognize .docx files?


On 3/29/21, Mich Verrier <michv@...> wrote:
Hi alan have you through of the orbit 20? It is 20 cells and is small I
no more info though since I have not used it my self. From Mich.

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I am in the market for a new braille display for my job. It needs to
be no less than twenty cells, small enough to throw into my backpack
and can read Word documents

I have used the Focus 40, but it does not meet my needs. I am looking
for suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Allen West

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