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Joe Orozco

A very well written post. Agreed on all counts. I'm not a huge fan of
the rattling sound on the Orbit line of displays, but for the price,
it is pretty revolutionary.--Joe

On 4/5/21, Nimer Jaber <nimerjaber1@...> wrote:
For me, when considering a device to purchase, the specs matter less than
the value, although everything should be considered.

- If you are a person looking for a Braille device, for something simple
and powerful, for being able to take your notes, you have the budget or
someone is paying for the device for you, and you don't care about
and security updates, having good hardware, etc., this device is
- If you do care about your security, having decent hardware, don't have
the money or care about fiscal responsibility, and you are willing to
cobble up a solution with two devices and 3rd-party apps, this device is
absolutely not for you.

This device is absolutely not for me. Neither was the BrailleNote, or any
of the other devices of this kind on the market. I do appreciate a single
device with a Braille display, ease of use, where things tend to just work,
but I also appreciate not paying for a device that is antiquated before it
was ever released in terms of software and security updates and hardware. I
also refuse to be in a position to need to pay for a new device with the
same or greater cost in a few years because this device stops getting
updates, is even more antiquated than it is today, etc. For me, a display
like the orbit, along with an Android phone or iPhone with much better
hardware and software support is a much better use of my money, and is a
much cheaper proposition. I can make use of many apps on the Play Store, I
can still accomplish what I wish to accomplish with my laptop or with my
phone, I can still read Braille when I wish to do so, and I don't need to
pay the price for the Braille Sense, or any of these other blindness
note-taking devices.

It is important that everyone considers their own needs, the use that they
will put a device to, what they value out of a device, and their budgets
before making such a purchase.

On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 11:54 AM Joe Orozco <jsoro824@...> wrote:

A fair point, but even with the already announced 8 core CPU and 6 GB
of memory, it's already doing better than the closest competitor.--Joe

On 4/4/21, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.
<ukekearuaro@...> wrote:
Please consider waiting on the BrailleSense6! Yes, it runs Android10
but, at this point, no one knows what kind of processor will power it.
it turns out to be an underpowered processor, you shall have thrown
pennies after bad. Furthermore, during the demo process, there were
number of untruths about the Android OS on which it shall run!

There was definitely a processor in the BrailleSense6 when it was being
demonstrated. I CAN NOT FATHOM why HIMS, Inc. fails to share info
new toy's processor. For me, anything less than a Qualcom SnapDragon
better will be unacceptable.

Denver, Colorado


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