Re: Question about the Brailliant 40.

Jessica M

Thanks! I remember really liking the thumb keys, as opposed to the Braille Sense from GW Micro. It felt more natural to just hit a key with your thumb and keep reading, rather than move my hand over to hit a button on top of the machine, and then have to move my hand back over to the Braille line of text.

It too has the signature thumb keys.--Joe

On 4/5/21, Jessica M <> wrote:
Hi all,
I'm doing some research on purchasing a Braille display, and notice
that the description for the Brailliant 20 mentions the thumb panning
keys. This brings to mind the older Braille Note displays, and II
remember really liking the thumb panning keys. In reading over the
description for the Brailliant 40, it doesn't mention the thumb
panning keys. Does this mean that the line advancement/previous line
functions are done differently using the larger display? Just
curious whether annyone who owns this model could give me some
input. I prefer a Braille keyboard to a Qwerty one, and would like
the display to also be able to connect to my iPhone, for reading
Kindle books, for example. Thanks in advance, and hope everyone's
holiday was a good and safe one.


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