Re: I need help setting up windows mail.


Hi Jim,

I’m assuming you are referring to the Windows Mail App when you say Windows Mail, right?  Jim because you will be getting a new PC from an agency, you need to ask them if there is going to be an Outlook program on the new PC.  If so, you need to ask them which Outlook version, and if they are going to set it up for you, and if so, you need to ask them for the password they will be using, unless they are going to be using your current password.  If they are not going to put an Outlook account on the PC, you can then think about the Windows Mail Ap.  It isn’t difficult to set up Windows Mail App, but right now you might not want to upset the apple cart!  LOL!  The agency might already have an Outlook account set up for you especially if they are going to set up the PC for you.  When I set up my new Windows 10 PC, and entered my Wi-Fi information, that took me directly to the MS web site, and I got a message asking me to log in to my account with my current email address as well as my password with my Outlook account.  So, after I entered that information, the Windows Mail App was automatically created.  So, you can do the samething, but I don’t know if you are setting up the new PC, is the agency setting it up for you, is there going to be a new version of Outlook.  These are questions you need to ask the agency so you can now prepare for the new PC.  I’m assuming you only have a couple of months to go before you get the new PC, right?




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Hi all, I need help setting windows mail up. If someone could do a tandem session with me, I would appreciate it. Thanks, I am running jaws 18 and windows ten. . Jim

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