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There are many times when people ask a question and don't realize that there are other things to consider.

Often on lists, people ask how to do a specific thing. Other list members may want to know why the person wants to do it because often, when someone asks how to do a specific thing, they are asking because they think it is the best way to achieve some goal. It may not be.

I see, reasonably often, such instances. Someone will ask how to do a specific thing and through discussion, they later explain the actual goal or underlying thing they are trying to achieve. Once list members know that, they can answer the underlying question and can help the person determine if what they want to do is a good way to accomplish the underlying goal.

I expressed my opinion. Others can express theirs. And this is a list. I'm not just writing for the benefit of one person. Others following the thread may benefit from my opinion or from a diversity of opinions expressed. And I specifically said that I didn't know the specific circumstances or reason the person asked the question. that invites the person to explain why they want to do what they are asking about.


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Right, people can decide to do anything they want. Therefore, it isn't
up to me or you to decide for them.

She wanted an opinion on Fastmail, not a question as to why she
isn't using one service or another, or a debate over it. If she had
asked the question differently, like which one is better, then I'm sure
everyone has their own opinions on that.

\On 4/8/2021 3:39 PM, Gene wrote:

Why not discuss the question? Isn't this a choice like all sorts of
others, what brand of computer to use, what browsers are preferred and
why, etc? People can decide to do anything they want. If you start
arbitrarily ruling certain choices as out of bounds, where do you stop?

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People don't wish to use Google as they're email service, and that's
fine. There's no reason to question those decisions.

I haven't used Fastmail myself, but it's something I've been looking
into. I'm pretty sure it's something you could use with a client like
Thunderbird, if you wanted to.

On 4/8/2021 12:52 PM, Thomas N. Chan wrote:

Is there any reason why you don't wish to use google or microsoft as
your email provider?
You can also pay them to get higher storage like google workspace and
your own domain like etc.
As for Microsoft, its rather tie down to office as well.
Personally, I have been using Google ap, change name to G-suite and
now workspace for my own email and work.

Then again, that also depend how much you are willing to pay for your
email service.
Did your telco/provider gave you one email?

On Fri, 9 Apr 2021 at 01:51, heather albright <> wrote:

Hello, I am thinking about purcheassing an e-mail service instead of
using free e-mail from google or outlook. I was looking to fastmail as
a possibility. Has anyone used this service before? Thanks Heather

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