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Another thing your friend might try is to go to the Airplane mode, and turn it off and turn it back on, and then try to go back to the network, and see if he can see his network then.   




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Hi All,


A friend asked me the following and I've never had this problem before or have I heard how to fix something like this.  My suggestion was to plug his laptop into the modem / router with an ethernet cable.  Can someone here help him out?


Hey Mike,
I tried to call hoping to catch you. I have an interview tomorrow via Zoom and discovered earlier today that my laptop will not connect to the internet. Looking into it a little deeper, I discovered my network user name has disappeared from the list of available WiFi networks.
I have spent quite a bit of time talking with Microsoft, Xfinity’s advanced tech support, and watched a few YouTube videos addressing the problem. None of them have fix the problem. I added a HotSpot package to my cell plan. It will not show up in the list either. It will connect to BlueTooth, but will not permit internet access. Other networks are appearing in the list, just not mine. My son had no problems logging on using the iMac. I am at a loss, have you experienced this before? Do you know how to fix this?
All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks much.



Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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