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Terrilynne Pomeroy

Hi Gene,
Since it is a toggle, there is not a position that gives you any information.

Also, I don't want it on because you are then broadcastin JAWS announcements while you are tabbing through the Zoom options to get things turned off.

I just want a mic that I can tell whether it is on or off by the position of the switch.


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If you can't tell by the position of the button if it is on or off, make sure it is on and always leave it on. When you don't intend to speak, mute yourself using the zoom command alt a. When you want to speak, my understanding is that you can hhold the space bar to unmute yourself while you are holding it. Releasing it mutes you again. Or you can use alt a to unmute yourself, talk, then mute yourself with the same command again.

You may want another microphone anyway, but that is one way you can use the microphone you have if you want.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Microphone for Zoom

Hi all,

I am looking for an easy to use microphone for Zoom meetings on my desktop
computer. I have a microphone, but it has a toggle button to turn it off and
on and I am always fearful that it is on. I don’t want my JAWS transmitting
to the meeting so I want to be able to know for sure that the mic is off.

Of course, I would also desire to have good sound being transmitted.

Any ideas?


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