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heather albright

I have decided to just use my e-mail accounts from gmail, outlook, icloud. I really appreciate the discussion from this group. Thank you all.

Cheers Heather


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Does the person receiving the e-mail have to use the same system?  I believe

so, which would make most e-mail need to be sent in the clear.


There may be something I don't know, however.



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You might want to ask the person that started the thread, not me. If I were

going to use more secure email, I'd most likely use Protonmail, or something

like that.


    However, Fastmail is an alternative to Gmail and Microsoft. You can

always use end-to-end encryption by installing GPG, and setting up PGP.



On 4/8/2021 9:59 PM, Thomas N. Chan wrote:


My point after a brief search about fastmail is, fastmail itself don't even

provide end to end encryption. What's security to you then?

They use your data for analytics purposes but people say its breaching  of

their data and they are sharing. So long they are not sharing with other

people, using your data to see how you use their service and give you

suggestion how they can help you is wrong to a lot of people?

Beside the point, Gmail provide you free email service, 15gb. storage.

Provider usually don't give that much and you usually pay for higher   tier

of storage. If you want security, trust your provider or trust your own. Or

just host your own email service.

That's my point and take on security of email.



On Fri, 9 Apr 2021 at 06:32, Hope Williamson <webspinner@...> wrote:



People don't wish to use Google as they're email service, and that's fine.

There's no reason to question those decisions.


    I haven't used Fastmail myself, but it's something I've been looking

into. I'm pretty sure it's something you could use with a client like

Thunderbird, if you wanted to.



On 4/8/2021 12:52 PM, Thomas N. Chan wrote:


Is there any reason why you  don't wish  to use google or microsoft as your

email provider?

You can also pay them to get higher storage like google workspace and your

own domain like etc.

As for Microsoft, its rather tie down to office as well.

Personally, I have been using Google ap, change name to G-suite and now

workspace for my own email and work.


Then again, that also depend how much you are willing to pay for your email


Did your telco/provider gave you one email?



On Fri, 9 Apr 2021 at 01:51, heather albright <kd5cbl@...> wrote:



Hello, I am thinking about purcheassing an e-mail service instead of using

free e-mail from google or outlook. I was looking to fastmail as a

possibility. Has anyone used this service before? Thanks Heather




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