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I don't know how much money you are talking about. For Zoom, where people often use whatever microphones are in their laptops or not very expensive microphones, there isn't a need to get an expensive microphone. And as far as buying microphones with no gain or volume controls, your volume can be set and checked while using the test page and this can be done using Windows sound card settings.

I don't know at what price you start getting microphones with volume or gain controls. If that is at a reasonable price, you may want the convenience of setting volume in that way. But if you are talking about spending more than something like thirty or forty dollars for a microphone, I'm skeptical that, for use with Zoom, it makes sense to spend more.

I doubt most people use microphones that have volume controls.

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Hi, for professional recording, the Blue Yetti is a good mic. Don't buy cheap mics with no gain control or volume.

On 4/9/2021 5:49 PM, Terrilynne Pomeroy wrote:

Hi all,

I am looking for an easy to use microphone for Zoom meetings on my desktop computer. I have a microphone, but it has a toggle button to turn it off and on and I am always fearful that it is on. I don’t want my JAWS transmitting to the meeting so I want to be able to know for sure that the mic is off.

Of course, I would also desire to have good sound being transmitted.

Any ideas?


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