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Howard Traxler

Thank you Mike B.  Yes, that was it.  And now, like before, when it comes upon a graphic, it says:
"To get missing image descriptions, open the context menu.".
A bit of extra verbiage but not quite so bad.  Maybe I could turn off graphic something or other in my NVDA to get rid of that.

Thanks Mike and take care.


On 4/9/2021 6:40 PM, Mike B wrote:

Hi Howard,
Just to play around I opened Google Chrome and went to a website.  While on this website I press the applications key to open the context menu, and as I down arrowed through the context menu there was a setting,
 Get image descriptions from Google
So see if this is the setting you wanted to turn off in whatever browser you turned it on with.
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.
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Recently I tried out a function that (it seems) was supposed to get
descriptions for the graphics on web pages. I thought the result might
make websites more friendly. But that doesn't seem to be; Now there's
just more babble. now I forgot how I turned that on, so don't know how
to turn it off. Has anyone else tried out this function and then
stopped it?


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