episode 18 of Blind Android Users Podcast is now published.


hi all.
this is a long episode, so grab some popcorn, some drinks, or what
ever and enjoy the show.
in this episode, we discuss about the innovations done by LG in the
smartphone world.
then we discuss editing text with talkback.
after that we saw some of the extra features regarding editing text with CSR.
then in our second episode of commentary screen reader, Mariamm showed
us how to configure the screen reader for the first time after
then I show you how to install a custem rom on an a only partition device.
then in the app of the week section, Kareen Kiwan showed us how to use
turbo alarm clock.
last but not the least, in the my android journey section Kareen Kiwan
took us down memory lain and told us how she got started with android.
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or find it in any pod catcher app.
you can also find us on smart speakers and on victor reader devices.
and if this episode is to long for you to listen, dont worry, you can
go to this playlist and listen to short segments of this episode.
thanks for listening, enjoy.

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