Re: Logitech H800 Replacement USB Nano Receiver

Mike B

Yo Admiral,
Sorry but, sent the 1st reply too quick.  I did talk to Logitech support and you cannot get a replacement USB nano receiver to use with the RF feature for the H-800 headsets and you cannot use universal USB nano receiver for these headsets either.  These headsets are nano receiver specific to each individual headset.  This is what I was told by Logitech tech support.
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.

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General Mike, since the Logitech H800 also has bluetooth built-in, I'm
thinking it might be ok to simply forget about the lost USB dongle and just
pare it as a bluetooth toy.

As for a replacement dongle though, I think only Logitech can come close to
providing a real answer on that one.

Denver, Colorado

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