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There are many powerful and accessible recording apps for the iPhone.  These include Dolby On, Ferrite Recording Studio, GoldWave, Hokusai and TwistedWave.  I strongly urge you to look up each one of these apps in the app store and elsewhere on the internet to learn all about them so that you can decide which ones will best suit you.  You might want to use several of these apps so you can get the most out of audio production and editing.

I hope others will contribute their own suggestions and advice on this matter.



On Apr 14, 2021, at 8:00 AM, Kay Malmquist <kay.malmquist@...> wrote:

Hi Peoples,
Today we are venturing in to a new possible catastrophe.  If I, like a million other people want to create a podcast and I wanted to record on my iPhone because I have a really neat adjustable stereo mic that plugs in to my iPhone via the lightning plug, what app or app would I use?  And for that matter, what would be the best way to just simply record things on my iPhone that I might want to keep?  Also, could I use said microphone if I created videos?  Thanks for all thought about this.

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