Re: Which of these BlueTooth keyboards are better?

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Uncle James B, the two bluetooth keyboards you referenced are plentiful on Whereas it is OK to patronize a company owned and operated by a
blind individual, I personally would only do so if what I am looking for can
not be found in the mainstream market where the price could be even cheaper.
Yes, every penny counts and I squeeze blood out of stones, and stones out of
turnips! That's probably why I'm a tad too crazy for my own good.

Plugable DOES HAVE a compact-size trifold bluetooth keyboard; the full-size
variety DOES NOT include the NumPad keys assuming that's important to you.

You can read more about Plugable's full-size folding bluetooth keyboard

If you buy from, there's a coupon for $6 off the $49.95 price.
But, wait a minute! Are you comfortable with purchasing Renewed toys? If
you answer YES, then you get it even cheaper at $21 off, thus bringing down
the price to only $28.95! If I were eyeing this particular keyboard, the
"RENEWED EDITION" will be my price point.

The compact-size one from Plugable sells for $44.95, <yikes!>

What I like about the Plugable Bluetooth Keyboard is the magnetic leather
cover. I had the Compact-size one, but it beat the dust quickly and COULD
NOT ENDURE the torture chamber.

one you referenced is the iClever BK05 and is a trifold bluetooth keyboard.
I JUST GRABBED one about three weeks ago and a TAD TOO SLOW giving it a REAL
GOOD KICK in my torture chamber. However, I'm able to STICK IT in my
jacket's pocket with no problems though one might feel the bulk somewhat. I
don't like its protective casing, just a pouch; I suppose one could grab one
of those magnetic leather cases for it, but I don't know for sure. I think
I have the .PDF manual for this one if you'd like me to send it your way,
please yell in this space and I'll get it to you privately. Like the
Plugable, this keyboard is good for Windows, iOS and My Beloved Android and
Linux! Again, I haven't taken it through its paces fully, but I have been
able to type on it on my laps with no qualms at all and the keyboard DID NOT
FOLD UP on me accidentally or otherwise. The iClever BK05 also DOES NOT
HAVE the NumPad keys assuming these are important to you. It's hard to find
a folding bluetooth keyboard with the NumPad keys; I'm looking for a
full-size one myself with NumPad keys and luck hasn't been my friend yet.
Hopefully, it'll be here soonest.

I trust that the foregoing is a tad helpful. May be I can answer a question
or two here and there; just remember to HIDE ONE UNDER THAT TREE FOR ME, I'm
coming for tea and I'd like to SNEAK OFF with one of them with Santa's help
in June or July. Good luck sir with the decision-making process on either

Denver, Colorado

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