Re: if you were getting a new computer.


People can tell you what players and recording programs they use but the answer won't mean much without knowing if your programs meet your needs now or what needs you want met that aren't being. the reason to use Virtual Recorder is that it allows you to record what your sound card plays even if your sound card doesn't support a what you hear option, also called Stereo Mix and other names.

We don't know what format of files you use. If you only use MP3 files, then for editing, if you do editing, MP3 Direct Cut is a very good choice. But we don't know if you edit files or want to. It’s a free program.

If Winamp meets your needs, then why use a different player?


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Hi all,

It looks like I can select what I want on the computer I am getting, so, I want your opinions.

What would you like on your computer? Since I am into music, and use music files for my global voice shows, I obviously want a good player, and, a good recorder to use. I want win amp as my primary player, and have been using virtual recorder, but I’m open to suggestions on any recorder you like. How much memory etc. would you like? any of these thoughts are appreciated. I am running jaws 2018, but will be running jaws 2021 on my new computer.[Jim

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