Re: how do I shut down jaws on a laptop?

Troy Burnham

Thanks Chris.


On 4/15/2021 10:00 AM, chris judge wrote:
Hi Troy. If your laptop is set to laptop layout, you would hold the caps lock key and press f4. To reload jaws, if you have a shortcut on the desktop, the most common one is alt control J. If not you can start it by pressing the windows key and typing jaws plus the version number. For instance, if you are using jaws 2021, type.
Jaws2021 followed by enter.

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Hi all,

If you're using a laptop and have jaws set to use the laptop keyboard setting what key combination will unload jaws, and then how do you reload it?

I use a laptop but I have a USB keyboard plugged into it so I use the desktop keyboard setting, and my mom is trying to help a student at work with jaws but they're using a laptop and I'm not familiar enough with the laptop keyboard jaws commands to help. Btw I know the laptop they're using does not have a number pad, and jaws isn't set to be in the system tray.



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