Re: Outlook and Google calendar question

Joe Orozco

I use a program called Sync2. I don't remember the site, but a Google
search should bring it up. It'll sync your Google contacts, Calendar,
and Notes, but mind you, it is a paid program. I think I paid
something like $30 for it. I was not able to find a free solution.
Outlook won't sync up with Google on its own. Of course, I would be
all too happy to be proven wrong.--Joe

On 4/15/21, Madison Martin <madisonmartin463@...> wrote:
Hi all,
Is it possible for me to somehow sync my Google and Outlook calendars? If
is possible then I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me how to do
The reason I ask is because I've been trying to add my favourite sports
schedules to my Outlook calendar with absolutely no luck so yesterday I
that since I have a google account that I'd try and add them to my Google
calendar and knock on wood I think it worked, but I really don't want to
to log into my Google account everyday just to check my calendar. I'm using
latest versions of Jaws, Edge, Office 365 and Windows 10, but I also have
Chrome and Firefox installed so if it'd be better for me to use one of
browsers then I can do so. Really hope someone can help me!!! Thanks

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