Re: if you were getting a new computer.


Hi Jim,

Well, I see you got a lot of great advice, and I’m happy to see this.  Some of these guys here wreally know what they are talking about.  Because you’re not paying for this, and you get to pick out what you want on the new Laptop, I would definitely get a 512 SSD, as well as for Memory 16 bgs.  I would also get Office 2019, if you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription, if someone will pay that for you, I would go with the Office 365, assuming you will be using Office.  As far as a recorder, I don’t use them on my Laptop or desktop, so I can’t advise you on that.  You already said you will be using JAWS 2021.  You said you like using win amp, and you already have that, so there you go!  Smile! If someone else is setting up the Laptop for you, Just remember to get the product key if you’re going to be using MS Office, in case you might need it.   








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Hi all,

It looks like I can select what I want on the computer I am getting, so, I want your opinions.

What would you like on your computer? Since I am into music, and use music files for my global voice shows, I obviously want a good player, and, a good recorder to use. I want win amp as my primary player, and have been using virtual recorder, but  I’m open to suggestions on any  recorder you like. How much memory etc. would you like?   any of these thoughts are appreciated. I am running jaws 2018, but will be running jaws 2021 on my  new computer.[Jim

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