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Monte Single


I know why different people use different graphics cards?chips.
I was using it as an example of how the price of a computer can be dramaticly increased with the addition of 1 different component.
The average blind user woujld not appreciate the addition of a high-end sound card either.

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You could, but a midrange graphics card is ok. Blind people have little to no use for graphics.

On 4/18/2021 12:14 PM, Monte Single wrote:
Heck, you could spend an extra thousand dollars just by getting high end video and processor.

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I doubt programs are getting that much bigger. Since I haven't seen this elsewhere, I'll put it in the interesting category but I'd want a good deal more verification. And even if they are, I am not convinced that justifies getting more than 8GB for the average user. You can add this expense and that expense until you are spending one-hundred or two or three hundred dollars more than you have to and derive no meaningful benefit.

Regarding digital drives, they are so fast to start with that even if the larger drives are faster, does that matter? What are we talking about, perhaps half a second speed difference to load a program? and can you document that larger digital drives will last longer and that it matters?
Digital drives, from what I've readd will generally last far longer than the computer using them so I remain to be convinced.

Regarding price, following your recommendations for a hard drive and for RAM, how much more money would you be spending?

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As I said though, programs are getting bigger. I'd go with at 16 gb if
budget allowed to be safe. But the 512 drives have more write
capacity before they have to be replaced, and also faster write performance.

On 4/18/2021 9:04 AM, John Holcomb II wrote:

I don’t think most normal users would need 512GB.

IT really depends on what he is doing.

With read/write at 500 MB for a Sata-based SSD, he doesn’t need to
worry too much about that either.

I’d say a Core I5 would do it. AMD vs. intel either of these would be fine.

We have no idea what kinda budget he is working with so THESE are just
some points to consider.

I do however agree with the 8GB ram.


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At a bare minimum, go for gigabit ethernet options, 8 gb of dual
channel ram, an ssd of at least 512 gb, 1tb if you can aford it, even
if you don't use 1tb the 1tb drive has a much higher write speed and
endurance. A processor should be at least current gen 11th gen intel
or fifth gen AMD r5, don't getv stuff like pentium/celeron/i3 processors.

On 4/15/2021 1:30 PM, Jim Rawls wrote:

I will let you know as I find out.

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Do you forsee yourself doing anything more then broadcasting?

I’d go with two sound cards for one thing.

Is there a price you have to contend with?

How are you storing your music files?


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Hi all,

It looks like I can select what I want on the computer I am getting,
so, I want your opinions.

What would you like on your computer? Since I am into music, and use
music files for my global voice shows, I obviously want a good player,
and, a good recorder to use. I want win amp as my primary player, and
have been using virtual recorder, but I’m open to suggestions on any recorder you like.
How much memory etc. would you like? any of these thoughts are
appreciated. I am running jaws 2018, but will be running jaws 2021 on
my new computer.[Jim

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