internal s s ds

Monte Single

I was  just looking on the amazon Canada website.

Under a search for 512 gig s s d drives,  I found brand name drives by names like Crucial and Kingston for  seventy to eighty  Canadian dollars.

That would be about    60 to 65 in u s dollars.

So if I were putting a new p c together,  I would get the 512  and someone with a bit more cash would get the 1 tb!


A good brand name 4 tb usb external drive now sells for about 110 u s dollars.

That’s about 3 cents a gig.

And ram prices are  equally affordable.


The newer releases of the high en processors,  are still the most expensive part of a pc.


Of course, you can spend a couple hundred bucks on a nice case;  and the same goes for  a mobo,  or you can be totally  content spending 50 bucks on each.


But, you can skip all the shopping and fussing and buy a brand name machine.

If you can afford it,  get a model that is not the very cheapest.

As the  teacher said to the inattentive student,  you have choices.






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