Re: if you were getting a new computer.

Thomas N. Chan

Hi Gene,
Your analogy comparison with ram and a car is so much different.
For a start, car will not have memory leak, they will have oil leak, they will break down in regards if the engine is a high power one vs a smaller build ones.
I don't think you even understand how virtual memory works and even ram. 
For windows point of view, you open a program, when is sitting there for a while, does not mean it will be push down to virtual memory. It will eventually whether you like it or not.
Especially for SSD harddrive, windows and a lot of OS all got this kind of capability. to prevent more read and write on them. so they eventually store more on the ram. 
It will still store some on the harddrive for caching and performance purposes. in fact, to prepare for program to take up the ram.
If you open a big program or program which require more ram, even browsing like chrome, it will take up resources. 
You can't compare like last time or 20 years ago, is all depend how much the html files, you need how much ram. is already out of date. The browser will triggle extension or plugins, and the browser will load it up. if you open another tab or windows, it will load another set of same thing, it will not share due to, security and privacy. so the same browser will open a lot of resources itself. it will not be just one extension or one executable. 
In windows 10 itself, for performance purposes, its always good to have more than 8gb because we are using screen reader. Its so unfair when you expect the user to buy the minimum specifications, and windows will keep read and write because you think opening a document, browsing on the net will not matter to 8gb?

I don't need to give you KB article, or online stuff to prove my concept because i manage computer system and server in corporate  environment , where people only use document, browse the web app and just printing stuff out. with the 16gb ram with the same  workload, windows load faster, document load faster, browsing is more efficient.

If the original list member can afford it, why stop it eventually?

I am sure a lot of us, like Chris is very knowledgeable in that area and base on experience itself.

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