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Thomas N. Chan

Good machine.

Thomas N. Chan

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Hey there,

I have a laptop from 2006 which started off with XP and then I  put 7 on it.

The hardwhere still works! But 10 won’t run on it.

The only thing I could possibly do is  put Linux on it.

But the Linux would have to support 32-bit.




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Hi, my first laptop a satellite a 300 toshiba lasted for 6 years, then my mom had it for another 4 years, running windows xp or vista. I think. And second machine, lasted almost 5 years, and was windows 7 pro 64 bit with a dvd drive. Gave it to a friend, who is a sighted programmer, and then he put in a new ssd for his mom,  windows 10. Now had to get a new Samsung external ssd drive 500 gb, as my 1 tb Toshiba external  drive, was about to die. Able to copy all files from that. And so got a new assus vivo book with a ssd. First time using that and yes, takes about 30 secs to power up and hear the windows chime and the login screen with jaws. Do have 8 gb ram, do have a spare 8 gb two spare 4 gb slots. Could have used 16 gb, when doing my network course and ran out of memory for running multiple virtual machines. And like to get a new laptop every 6 to 7 years or 5 years. So had this assus a couple of years. Thanks.

Ps: I 3 7 dual quad or quad core, up to 8cores. 2.3 ghz processor, 8 gb ram, 500 gb ssd. One usb 3, two usb 2 ports. 15.inch passive colour I think, or maybe active colour. Not sure. Standard keyboard, built in web cam, mike. Surround sound and using the real tech surround sound app. Two speakers. No card reader.

A good machine.

Excellent sound. And do have windows 10 pro 64 bit, it came with windows 10 home 64 bit 1809. So upgraded it a few times.

Marvin. .

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