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I doubt most people use DVDs or cds much anymore. People stream a lot of things they used to buy on DVDS and, as has been said, you can purchase external USB DVD drives.

There is a really nice and convenient way to get around not having a DVD if all you want to do is use it to install software if you have a computer that has one. You can also back up CDS or DVDS that contain software in this way.

Put a software disk, either CD or DVD in a machine that has a drive. Find the drive using Computer, then open the context menu, there will be an open option. Once you do that, you can copy the contents of the CD or DVD drive to the clip board and paste it wherever you want. I pasted the contents to an external drive, then I plugged the external drive into the computer I wanted to install the program on, and installed it from there. I kept the copies of the few CDS I might want to use in future and I no longer have to keep the CDS or DVDS if I don't want to.

To guard against loss of the disks or their destruction in some disaster, I back up the contents of the disks just as I back up anything I don't want to lose.


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Is this true? That’s not something I would be happy about. Pam.

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Hi. I would get 16 gb or 32 gb if you can afford it. Try a 1 or 2 tb ssd. And maybe get a 1 or 2 tb ssd external drive. You cannot get a dvd drive built in any more. Hp, Lenovo, assus, del, acer, sells only laptops with no dvd or cd drive. But most people just download if they have a fast stable internet connection.

Also got jaws 2012, latest nvda.


Ps: saw on another list a 4 tb normal external drive, seegate $107.



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