Creating a 24/7 Radio Stream on YouTube?

Merv Keck

There may be a group that is more suited for this question. If so I am not on it yet.
Currently the Church I am associated with as a Pastor of the prayer ministry has a stream that goes 24/7 on Live 355. They pay one monthly fee and everything is managed on the Live 365 servers. It is not operated like Legend or Mushroom or our familiar radio stations where we stream from our own computers or Spotify or a similar platform. Everything is uploaded to Live365 and managed right from the servers and royalties are paid taken care of no muss no fuss.
However, the Church would like to move to a more popular medium and they have chosen YouTube. They do not wish to worry about streaming locally from a PC or Mac. They wish to do it from YouTube the way they did it via Live 365.
We are currently rebuilding the Web Portal for the ministry and we just want to be able to reference the station on the site and the ministry app. And also the YouTube site and app as well.
Does anyone have any knowledge and or experience with YouTube radio or 24/7 streaming? Information is all I am seeking. I do not need anyone to build anything or sell me a service. I’m just looking for a resource at this time.
Thanks in advance.

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