Re: setting up a new Sonos speaker

chris judge

Hi Troy. You want the first app showing, the one that says, introducing S2.

Once you download the app you can go in and create a sonos account. I haven't set up a new device in quite some time as my rooms are all full of sonos gear and I have nowhere else to use one right now lol. The process of setting up a new device should still be completely accessible and fairly straight forward. Give it a go. If you need some assistance give a shout.

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Hi all,

I'm supposed to receive the Sonos Roam speaker today, what will I need to do to set it up and can I do it all myself or will I need sighted help? This will be the first Sonos product I've ever had. I know I need to put the Sonos app on my phone but when I looked in the app store there seemed to be 2 apps, which one do I need to get? I have an iPhone SE.

Thanks in advance.


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