Re: How to I send a web link from Chrome?


You don't have to select the address in the address bbar. It is already selected. Just copy. This is generally true in Windows browsers, at least it is in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome based browsers.


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One way to do it is to press Alt+D, which brings you to the address bar.
Then, press home to make sure you're at the beginning of the address.
Next, press ctrl+shift+end to select the entire address.
Press Ctrl+C to copy the address
Next open your email and start to compose it
Once in the body of the message, press Ctrl+V to paste that puppy in
Maybe not the shortest way to go about it but it gets the job done.

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How do I email a link from Chrome? I tried pressing Alt+F to see if I could
get to submenu, but I was not successful in finding out how - running
Windows 10 and JAWS 18.

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