using power tools around the yard grass and snow?

Josh Kennedy



I rent a house with a pretty sizeable yard. Maybe a 1/3-acre yard plus a small side yard. My son is sighted and we just got a Ryobi 40-volt lawn mower self-propelled withg variable speed lawn mower. Anyway he cuts the grass but I want to help out. So I found this at home depot: and I plan on buying it, along with the snow-thrower attachment. The link is below but my question is can this string trimmer and the snow thrower attachment I plan to buy with it, be used safely by someone who is totally blind? I may not be able to mow the lawn myself because if I understand correctly the self-propelled mower just goes forward and I would lose track of where I am and what I already cut. But I think I could use this because I would either be using the fence, sidewalk, street, or snow-banks as borders to help guide me as I cut weeds, long grass, or throw snow from the driveway or sidewalk and it also uses the same 40 volt batteries as the mower we got. And for those curious folks, the mower sounds like a computer hard drive starting up and when it is running it sounds like a small turbo prop airplane. So here is the link. Suggestions and ideas about these products are welcome oh and I do not need the other equipment other attachments like the leaf blower or poll saw attachment, not enough leaves in my yard to blow anyway and the lawn mower can mulch them with the mulcher attachment that my sighted son can use. Link is: I myself am more interested in using the string trimmer with attachments because it’s a stick, like a cane, sort of, I’ll have borders or guides made with the fence, sidewalk etcetera and I think I could manage that just remembering to keep it away from my body and or feet to avoid injury.





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