Re: Let's Get Social

Marco Curralejo

Hello everyone,


Welcome to episode 82 of the Blind Tech Guys. Thanks as always for tuning in and we would love it if you would share this with anyone you feel may benefit from checking out our blind tech podcast.


On this week's episode of the pod, Nimer continues our series on web apps by demonstrating how accessible Facebook and Twitter are on Android, iOS and Windows and in our Did You Know section, we continue our series on phone settings by exploring the Bluetooth settings on both Android and iOS.


To listen, head on over to the Blind Tech Guys website, where you can easily subscribe and listen in your favourite podcast player, or you can simply ask your smart speaker to "play the latest episode of the Blind Tech Guys podcast".


Look out for our Apple wrap-up mid-week special which will hit within the next twenty-four hours and we welcome Marco back from his sojourn in Western Australia.


Warm regards,


Marco Curralejo


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