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Perhaps you can find what you want, but I don't know how likely that is. Have you looked at the quick Reference Guide for commands? It just lists commands. It lists commands in a specific order, for each command, the desktop one is given first.

But how is the person going to use the computer? Only a small number of commands may be needed. Read to end, Read title bar, quit, Run NVDA, adjust speed of speech commands, and the quick navigation commands for browsing, or perhaps only a small number of them. You may do best to make a list yourself or, if you tell us how the person is going to use the computer, we can make a list. Most of what a lot of people do is not using screen-reader commands, but Windows and program commands. the commands I've mentioned above may be about all that a lot of users will use.


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Hello, does anyone know where I can find a file for NVDA commands. I am working with a person and they find the guide overwhelming that comes in the NVDA user guide. I wish they would just have all the commands separated. I know why they did the guide like they did by listing all the commands touch, laptop and desktop. But, this person just wants the commands for a desktop and not all the other info. They are very overwhelmed with to much info and they do not know how to skip the info they do not need.

I do not want them to be discouraged and I want them to use their computer. If anyone knows where I can find an NVDA command file list, please let me know. Thank you, Heather

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