Strange issue in Office, could it be Jaws at fault?

Walter Ramage

Hi folks.  Just writing to inform you of a problem I have encountered but have just learned the cause and I wondered if it is peculuar to me or if others have at some point had the same experience.


Let me explain myy set up:  I have two Win10 machines and 2 Win7 machines.  On the Win7 I am running office 2010 and on the Win10 machines I'm running Office 2019.  On these 4 machines I have NVDA & Jaws 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2019.  each of the computers has a couple of versions of Jaws and of course in Win10 I also have narrator.


OK, that's the set up, now for the issue.


When in outlook (2010 or 2019) and have finished writing an email and want to check it out so use the spell checker I get an error message.  I can't remember the wording but the essence is thatwhen the programme was being installed some macro settings were not instaled.  I also get an error message in Word when I want to save a document, different from the outlook error, this one says that authorisation wasn't completed but it was. When the message appears and providing I do not touch any other key then pressing enter removes the message.  I had my computer guy round this morning installing some stuff and he checked it out and although he spent around half an hour trying to figure it out by accident we discovered a conflict with Jaws, any version of Jaws.  When Jaws is turned off and he uses the mouse then the spell checker works flawlessly and when I use NVDA then the same is true but when I turn Jaws back on I once more get the error message.

Now I know the cause it isn't so much of a concern as I only need press enter when the error message pops up but I am wondering; am I the only one who has had this experience?  It happens on all 4 computers, Win7 and Win10, On two different versions of Office and only happens when Jaws is active and any of the four versions I've mentioned.  Most interested to know if I'm the only one experiencing this.  Walter.

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