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I'm not saying this to comment on whether you should make your own list, but it should be noted that the Quick Command Reference in NVDA help doesn't list windows or program commands. All commands are NVDA commands.


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Yes, guess I should create one for her. That is why I was not wanting to point her to a site as they mix their key command list and do not say they are a windows command an an NVDA command, windows does not get the credit. So maybe they should say windows keyboard commands with NVDA instead of NVDA commands. Thak you all for your help! Cheers Heather

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From: Gene
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I really object to what I've seen of this list. it mixes Windows commands

with screen-reader commands and doesn't indicate or explain the difference.

For example, say next carachter is given as right arrow or numpad 3. These

are completely different commands. Right arrow is a windows movement

command when working with an application cursor. Numpad 3 is an NVDA

command. it moves within the object or in review mode and doesn't move you

in the document. Right arrow moves you in the document and announces where

you have moved. This is not the way NVDA commands should be presented.

NVDA commands are not Windows or program commands and they should be given

as completely separate commands and program commands should not be included

in such lists.


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Hi, here you go;

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On 21 Apr 2021, at 1:35 PM, heather albright <> wrote:

Hello, does anyone know where I can find a file for NVDA commands. I am

working with a person and they find the guide overwhelming that comes in the

NVDA user guide. I wish they would just have all the commands separated. I

know why they did the guide like they did by listing all the commands touch,

laptop and desktop. But, this person just wants the commands for a desktop

and not all the other info. They are very overwhelmed with to much info and

they do not know how to skip the info they do not need.

I do not want them to be discouraged and I want them to use their computer.

If anyone knows where I can find an NVDA command file list, please let me

know. Thank you, Heather

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