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heather albright

Hello, I got these speakers, they sound great and they are USB powered and look like wooden bookshelf speakers. I have them on my fire stick now because they sounded so good and looked better on my wooden dresser woe. But they were on my desk and the wooden casing improved the sound and they did not vibrate off my desk. They have a nob on the left speaker and it can turn off the speakers and they have braided cables, not the cheap looking kind so, they ran across my desk perfectly. I did not want bluetooth and the other USB speakers sound crappy to my ears. So I got these and i use speaker stands to put them up higher and room sound is excellent.Agood price for nice sounding USB speakers.

cheers HeatherOn 4/21/2021 1:10 PM, Troy Burnham wrote:

Thanks Vicky, I ended up using an amazon gift card and buying a nice set of Bose speakers.


On 4/21/2021 11:10 AM, Vicky Vaughan wrote:
Hi Troy, I have a set of speakers with a volume knob and they are called Etifire.

Hope that helps.

Sincerely, Vicky

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Hi all,

Can anybody recommend a set of computer speakers that has the volume knob on one of the speakers? I recently bought a set of speakers but they have an inline volume and I'd rather the volume be on one of the speakers to make it easier to reach.

I'd also like to get them from amazon because I have a gift card I need to use.



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