Orbit Reader 40 review? Thoughts?


Hello list,

So I was thinking of upgrading to the Orbit Reader 40 display, but haven’t really been able to come across any reviews on the product. Write ups on the Orbit Reader 20 Plus yes, but not much for the 40. Can I just assume that they’re the same, but for amount of Braille cells?

There was one review I came across on Apple Vis but it was more focused on the device's sound than anything else. I did find one YouTube video, but it’s in French and well… I don’t speak French.

I was thinking of the Mantis 40, but honestly, I’m pretty happy with my mechanical keyboard for my desktop and I already have an 80 cell display connected to it, so this would be a more portable option for my laptop and iPhone for reading mostly. I don’t need another keyboard for that.

Anyway, if anyone’s got an Orbit Reader 40, I’d be curious to know their thoughts on how it’s holding up and general usage.





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