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Joe Giovanelli

Hi, John,

Thank you for the information about fromsmash. It offers anything I can imaginne wanting according to the information in this post.

When I go to that site, all I see is a link marked F, or another marked C. They don't seem to do very much. I see a place where it says: click or drag your files here.

I think I got a file placed but then what? Somehow I guess I'm supposed to be able to copy a link for sending to those who I want to hear my music. I couldn't find it.

Maybe it's righgt here, but I don't get it!

Joe G

On 4/23/2021 12:20 PM, John Holcomb II wrote:
Omg, yes it was this list and its awesome!
I love
Joe if you are on a PC, you can upload the file from the browser with no file size limits.
If its under 2GB for free users then it'll be available as soon as its done uploading to the smash servers.
If its over 2GB you'll have to wait 8 hours .
Premium users don't have this wait limitation and its only $5 a month.
They've got some Hella fast upload speeds, I was able to upload a gig file in less than a minute. Downloading a file is that fast, too. My speed is 100/100MB for my ISP though.
The files from my location downloaded and uploaded at around 14MB/Sec.


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I don't remember on which list this service was discussed but it appears legitimate. It should meet your needs.
Since I never heard of it before, you may want to wait for other comments or look up reviews. But I've received one file from it and sent a file and it appears to do what it says, transfer files with no advertising.

I'll have to play with it some more to determine just how to use it. I got it to work but I'm not sure exactly what I did yet.

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Hi, Gene,

I often send the links to my music projects to four or five people.

Sometimes I might not send all links at one time.

Joe G.

On 4/23/2021 11:38 AM, Gene wrote:
How many people do you want to download the files? It might be easier
and more simple to use a goode file transfer site than to sign up with
a service. We transfer, for example allows free users to share files
with We transfer allows you to share files with three people without
signing up.

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ood morning, List,

All I want to do is to place a file or files in either of these
facilities and send links to those people who I want to be able to
down load the files.

The instructions talk about many things these sites provide. All I
need, however, is this dropbox type applications.

I thank you very much.

Joe Giovanelli

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