Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Hi Good People:

I trust your Saturday is up to a great start. Hopefully, mine will be fun

As the subject header says, can I please get some helpful tips from the
experts in the house on that platform? I've attended Zoom meetings with no
qualms; but now, a nonprofit outfit in the making has tasked me with the
responsibilities of creating a room for it on Zoom. Yes, it will PAY THE
ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. So my questions are:

1. Do I need to have the Zoom client installed in my toy box in order to
CREATE A ROOM for this outfit?
2. What processes and procedures are needed to ASSIGN OWNERSHIP to a third
3. Taking a hard look at Zoom, I can't seem to determine which icon to
CLICK ON to begin the room creation process. Any pointers, please?

I may have more questions later, but I am drawing a blank at the moment.
Any helpful tips that can be shared with me will be graciously appreciated.
Thanks for the great work done in this space to help me look better than I
deserve. Now I'll sit back and watch for your notes.

Denver, Colorado

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