surface laptops

heather albright

Hello, I want to finally find a new laptop after almost 8 years, that is the last time I went and purcheased 1.

So I like the surface set up but, when I got it, I did not like how it sets up. It seens the screen is to heavy for the keyboard and it did not sit well unless you had a table handy. Are all the surfaces like this? I thought it would have the similar set up like my i-pad which I could type on my lap and the screen on the i-pad holds well. I am wondering if the magnets on the surface are not as strong as the ones off my i-pad?

It just seemed that my surface was to top heavy and it always wanted to flop over. So I set it back.

So someone told me to look in to a traditional laptop set up

But before I do this, is there a surface that has a better setup?

I liked the lightweight aspects of the surface along with the quickness of the surface.

Thanks Heather

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