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Hope Williamson

I'm sure that when the acquisition process is over, it's going to be MS that has the rights to Eloquence, not Nuance, as it will most likely be dissolved.

    What interest do they have by keeping such rights, especially if the popular demand is to have it be open sourced? They could either do that, or they could maintain it, and make it a part of Windows.

On 4/26/2021 8:50 AM, Gene wrote:
I see that you want it to be made open source.  I see no reason why it will be.  I hadn’t read the subject line before I sent my last message.  I generally skip them because they so often tell nothing, such as, help, a question, etc. 
Nuance may not be making much money from Eloquence, but I doubt they will make it either free or open source.  If they haven’t done so by now, given all the interest of the blind community, why would they care about a petition?
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As some of you may know, Microsoft acquired Nuance. I started this

petition as ETI-Eloquence isn't maintained and is used by a lot of the

blind community. If you would like to sign It, the link is

Feel free to pass this along to as many people as possible.



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