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Joe Orozco

I think the type cover works very well on a solid surface, and this
coming from a picky typer. I do see what Heather means about trying to
use the type cover on your lap though. Brydge sells directly and also
via Amazon. They make keyboards for both Surface tablets as well as

On 4/26/21, Marie Nelson <> wrote:
I might be interested in hearing about these keyboards. However, if setting

on a table, the type cover works well for me and otherwise I prefer to use a

small wireless keyboard which uses a USB dongle.

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Brydge makes keyboards for the Surface tablets, both the Surface Go
and the Surface Pro. Microsoft's own keyboard is not great for typing
on your lap, but Brydge makes a sturdy case that locks onto the bottom
of the tablet and effectively turns the tablet into a laptop. I'll be
writing a review of the case on my blog shortly. Thanks for reminding
me to make that a higher priority on my personal list.


On 4/26/21, John Holcomb II <> wrote:
Sony has not made laptops in a long, long time.

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hi heather smolast laptop what I see was in bestbuy it voz from sony and

is smol sise like IPod

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