Re: How to delete an empty line in Excel


Well lets get the terms correct.  It is deleate a row, not a line, and it is deleate a collum


Great tip  to find help.


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Hi. Are you using excel 2016? If so there is a nifty little feature that can help you get most thinks done even if you don’t know the keystroke. I use it all the time and it works in all office 2016 applications. To delete a row in excel, focus on the row. Next, press altQ. This will bring up a search field. Type delete row, then arrow down. You should hear, delete sheet rows. Press enter and the row should go away.


Hope this helps.




Chris Judge


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Subject: [TechTalk] How to delete an empty line in Excel


Can someone give me the key strokes to delete an empty line in my Excel sheet?  Recently I saw that to add a line was ALT I R.  Then I got thinking, I don’t know how to do the opposite.  Thanks.

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