Re: how to get to computers for the blind?

John Holcomb II

Could be a power supply issue maybe?
3 gigs isn't a lot by today's stanrdards either although you still see Windows desktops sold with 4 at say BestBuy.

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When I ordered a computer from them some years back I became aware that a couple of friends of mine had just ordered theirs as well. Mine seemd to be fine while they both had to return theirs because there were obvious problems with them. I even updated it successfully to Windows 10. It served me well enough for a couple of years before things started going wrong with it. I still have it but it won't start up anymore. With the help of one of my sons I discovered it only had 3 gigs of RAM.

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Is this the outfit in Texas? I know about a dozen people who've dealt
with them, and none have come away satisfied, either with hardware
received or support thereof. Caveat emptor.

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Thanks for your help. Jim

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