Re: how to get to computers for the blind?

Steve Matzura

They may have improved, upped their game so to speak, and if so, then that can't be anything but good for all concerned. There was another outfit years ago in Rhode Island that got themselves a terrible rep for shoddy workmanship and virtually no end-user support. I think they're gone now.

On 4/29/2021 10:17 PM, Janet wrote:

                                Thank you Steve and Laz. 

I just recently introduced these guys who sell computers to the blind people in the community in the state where I live.   and I’ve only heard good things about them until I seen both of your messages, so this is good for me to know. 

Thank you both again. 





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Is this the outfit in Texas? I know about a dozen people who've dealt with them, and none have come away satisfied, either with hardware received or support thereof. Caveat emptor.


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Thanks for your help. Jim

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