Navigating PDF Workbooks with JAWS

Joe Orozco

Hi, I have a PDF workbook I’m having difficulty navigating with JAWS.
JAWS 2021, latest build on Windows 10, will let me arrow down through
the Table of Contents but won’t let me open or expand any of the
items. I’ve tried Tab, F6, Space, Right Arrow ... nothing works. It
seems the creator used bookmarks to design the Table of Contents.
Regardless, does anyone have tips on how to get to the main content?
When JAWS open these workbooks, it does so with the virtual buffer
turned off. They recommended I use Insert F7, but JAWS can’t list
links in an environment that is not virtual. The workbook also has a
form element to fill in, and I see no way of accessing the form
controls either. Thanks for any help you can provide.


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