Re: Is this a Scam or Fishing Email, or is it real?


I didn’t see that you had provided a copy of the message.  It does answer the question.  I still would treat it as phishing.  Also, you can see the underlying link they want you to go to.  I expect that it will not be to the web site.  It may lead to a site that looks like the web site.  I don’t know what e-mail program you are using but if you tell us, you should be able to be advised how to see that actual link, not the words that are displayed in the link.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave
Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2021 11:41 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] Is this a Scam or Fishing Email, or is it real?

I just received this Email, that tells me I have deactivated my Email,
which is absolutely not true.  Never visited my Email provider's Web
site, and made No changes to my account.

So, I ask, is this a Fishing attempt, by someone hoping to get my
password?  Or is it real.

And of course, since today is Saturday, I can't just call up my Phone
Company because they are closed for the week end.

Grumpy Dave

Dear dlh007@...,

You recently made a request to deactivate email. This request will be
processed shortly.
If you did not make this request, cancel the request now.
Cancel Deactivation
If you do not cancel this request, your account will be deactivated and
all your email data will be lost.

Your Internet Team

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