Re: Is this a Scam or Fishing Email, or is it real?

Steve Matzura

Before worrying about whether anything is a scam or not, check the email address from whence came the email. Ignore the name shown, like if it says "Federal Express <>," and you are sure it's not from FedEx, look at the real email address. How to do that depends on your email client. For example, in Thunderbird, there's a way to copy just the email address to the clipboard, and from there you can paste it somewhere and really look at it. I can't tell you how many times I've receives bills of lading from so-called FedEx only to discover the originating address is really something with a .ru (Russia) or .ro (Romania) domain! May these people rot in the hell of their own suffering for all eternity.

On 5/1/2021 12:43 PM, Shirley Healy wrote:
This is a scam! I got some of these emails. They are not true, so you can ignore it.
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Sent: Saturday, May 1, 2021 5:41 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] Is this a Scam or Fishing Email, or is it real?


I just received this Email, that tells me I have deactivated my Email,
which is absolutely not true. Never visited my Email provider's Web
site, and made No changes to my account.

So, I ask, is this a Fishing attempt, by someone hoping to get my
password? Or is it real.

And of course, since today is Saturday, I can't just call up my Phone
Company because they are closed for the week end.

Grumpy Dave


You recently made a request to deactivate email. This request will be
processed shortly.
If you did not make this request, cancel the request now.
Cancel Deactivation
If you do not cancel this request, your account will be deactivated and
all your email data will be lost.

Your Internet Team

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