FW: [Blind Android Users] Listen to espeak singing!

John Holcomb II


Enjoy this.



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Subject: [Blind Android Users] Listen to espeak singing!




Ever wonder what it would be like for your speech synthesizer to sing?

Here are two examples of espeak singing!

The first one is using the MBROLA algorithm on an UTAU voice,
the second one is espeak without MBROLA.



This was done by Tobias from the espeak group

Today I just made a new release of my piano roll editor for singing
synthesis called QTAU, including its dependencies Sekai and Sinsy.
QTAU can make espeak-ng sing, using a patch I had written some time
ago, future versions will also support Festival and MBROLA voices.
The singing generator source code is at
https://notabug.org/isengaara/sekai/src/master/bin/espeak-sg.cpp and
currently does not work with klatt voices yet. In the next few month I
plan to write a patch to support singing with klatt voices too.



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